What should I expect as a plugin author?

Plugin Author Expectations

As an author, you will receive independent feedback on your work. You will receive notes privately on how to improve your plugins. The instances where readers purchase your plugin for something other than its intended purpose will decrease. Readers who desire your plugin will be assured of high quality based on a rigorous independent review. It is expected that reviews of your work will drive sales of your plugins.

What should I expect as a reader of a plugin review?

Reader Expectations

As a reader, you should be able to get a sense of what it is like to use the plugin. You should be able to visualize the experience through the use of embedded in-game graphics. In many cases, you will be making a purchasing decision. The review should give you everything you need to inform your purchasing decisions.

What happens when a plugin is reviewed?

Plugin Review Activities

When a plugin is reviewed, these activities are performed:

  • Read the plugin page on the hosting site ( spigotmc.org, bukkit.org, etc)
  • Catalog the features of the plugin and any dependencies.
  • Read the documentation and wiki.
  • Watch any videos linked from the plugin page, documentation or wiki.
  • Determine if, based on the plugin page, this plugin could be a 5-star plugin. (If yes, proceed)
  • Create a Minecraft instance and configure the plugin as per the install/configuration instructions.
  • Try to perform every listed feature.
  • Take private notes provided to the plugin author.
  • Play the game with the plugin, enjoy using it, and document my experiences.
  • Complete a Feature Matrix and a Plugin Evaluation Matrix.
  • Write the review.
  • Offer the plugin author a pre-release view of the review. (requires site registration)
  • If requested, the publication can be held for 10 business days, or 2 plugin releases, while the author improves the plugin.
  • If requested, I will re-review held plugins for correction.

Review of TechsCode Ultra Permissions 3.1.7 S


The plugin Ultra Permissions from TechsCode is one of the highest rated permissions plugins on spigotmc.com. Let’s answer your questions right off:

Is it compatible with all plugins? Yes!

Is it graphical and easy to use? Yes!

Does it support BungeeCord and MySQL? Yes!

Rating: (5 / 5)

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