What happens when a plugin is reviewed?

Plugin Review Activities

When a plugin is reviewed, these activities are performed:

  • Read the plugin page on the hosting site ( spigotmc.org, bukkit.org, etc)
  • Catalog the features of the plugin and any dependencies.
  • Read the documentation and wiki.
  • Watch any videos linked from the plugin page, documentation or wiki.
  • Determine if, based on the plugin page, this plugin could be a 5-star plugin. (If yes, proceed)
  • Create a Minecraft instance and configure the plugin as per the install/configuration instructions.
  • Try to perform every listed feature.
  • Take private notes provided to the plugin author.
  • Play the game with the plugin, enjoy using it, and document my experiences.
  • Complete a Feature Matrix and a Plugin Evaluation Matrix.
  • Write the review.
  • Offer the plugin author a pre-release view of the review. (requires site registration)
  • If requested, the publication can be held for 10 business days, or 2 plugin releases, while the author improves the plugin.
  • If requested, I will re-review held plugins for correction.

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