Village Defense

version 3.11.6

Village Defense is a classic Defense style game with a Minecraft twist.

NameVillage Defense
Minecraft version tested1.13.2
Rating (5 / 5)

You open your eyes to find yourself in a forest. You have a renamed nether star in your inventory, named “Kit-Menu.” 

There is a 60 second timer counting down. You need to read quickly and make decisions that could mean life or death for yourself and the 12 villagers who depend on you for their safety. While holding the nether star in your main hand, you right-click. A Kit-Menu opens.

There are over 20 kits to choose from. They seem to be oriented towards different styles of play; Archers, Knights, Tanks, etc. You choose Knight because it is the first option, it is unlocked, and the lore-based help text seems to indicate that it is a good choice.

BAM! You are teleported to the edge of a bridge. A third person overlord says, “The game has started! Defend the village against waves of zombies!” Quick, look around. There seem to be 3 bridges leading into dark caves. If your time in Minecraft has taught you anything, it is that Zombies live in dark caves. Behind you is an upscale Minecraft village. There are two story homes and all of the villagers have been named. As you approach, they seem friendly.

One villager Edgar offers you a selection of weapons, armor, food and supplies. You seem to have 4 seconds left until the Next Wave starts, whatever that is.

He is selling these things in exchange for “orbs”. Now you start to understand. Kill the zombies, get orbs. Exchange orbs for better gear. Wait, the wave has already started! Ahhhhh!

Drop and Play, Zero Configuration required (3 / 5)
GUI Based Configuration (4 / 5)
SQLite (5 / 5)
MySQL (5 / 5)
BungeeCord (5 / 5)
Leaderboards (5 / 5)
Multilingual (5 / 5)
Documentation (4 / 5)

Server Administrator Details

The plugin authors documentation covers all of the installation steps well. Please take time to read his wiki here. Specifically look at the optional dependencies.

LeaderHeadsProvides an awesome head based leaderboard system, but is not compatible with the latest Minecraft versions.
HolographicDisplaysWe view this as a necessary plugin. It is compatible with the Minecraft version tested and it privides the integration for PowerUps. PowerUps are special drops when killing zombies. Default is a 1% chance for a PowerUp dropping
PlaceholdersAPINot needed, but can be useful for integrating the game details (player level, Kit chosen, etc) into the scoreboard or chat system.
EnhancementsAddonThis is the authors premium add-on which provides additional kits, unlimited kit possibilities, and a GUI kit editor. Additionally it provides a GUI editor for achievements for the game.

By default the players lose their inventory when entering the game. This can be managed by the game using a configuration setting in config.yml:InventoryManager. Many lobby plugins already have this feature built in, so this is an optional configuration.

You will want to set this up in its own world or own server behind BungeeCord, as it changes the game mechanics in the full world where the game is played. The good news is that the plugin comes with full BungeeCord and MySQL integration. After the world is set up the way you like it, use a plugin or configuration to enforce your players into Adventure gamemode. The game plays well in this mode, and it will keep them from using block to cheat or grief the area.

The game supports permission nodes per Arena, so you can allow groups to join on a per Arena basis. You will most likely want to start off by giving everyone access to the first Arena. Your choices of kit and bonus orbs are also controled via permissions.Review the permissions available here.

The author has provided 2 pre-configured worlds, each with 1 Arena. They are available here. They are really nice. We were able to get a test world up and running in less than 30 minutes. You will want to watch the setup video below.

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